Pteri (pronounced "Terry") is a pterodactyl. He's the know-it-all friend of Tye and Tops. He's typically the dinosaur with the most sense, but he's also more reluctant to try new things. While a lot smaller than other dinosaurs, his greatest weapon is his words.


Tops is a triceratops. In comparison to his friends Tye and Pteri, he's definitely the brawn of the group. He can lift more than anyone, but he often overly focuses on the superficial. He often forgets there's more than one way to do things.


Tye is a tyrannosaurus rex, but he often forgets that he is. He's much more absent-minded than his friends Tops and Pteri. He commands an imposing presence, but he's usually oblivious of this fact. He has a very gentle nature and often under estimates his own strength and ferocity. Tops and Pteri are good at reminding him when it's called for.